About the Jewelleries

Caring for your jewellery may sound like a hard job but with these few guidelines you will understand how simple it is.

There are certain circumstances when some discoloration may happen even when the jewellery is not used and stays in one place for a long time. This mainly happens because it is not advised to keep it freely laying around. Please keep it in a flannel pouch bag or jewellery box.

Some general advice

  • Do not wear the Goods during physical work or activities.
  • Do not wear the Goods during sports, workouts or any free time activities that require intense moves.
  • Please remove the jewellery during swimming, shower or hand washing.
  • Do not wear the Goods in thermal water or at beaches.
  • After wearing the jewellery put them back into their box or pouch gently.
  • Wipe it occasionally with a soft cloth.

Take care of the beauty of your jewellery so that you can continue to shine in them!

Polymer Clay

The polymer clay is very durable but I do recommend treating it like what it is: Jewelry. To clean, simply wipe with a soft cloth. It’s not recommend to submerge them in water for long periods of time.


With a soft bristle brush, these textile surfaces can be carefully cleaned with soap. It is not recommended for this product to be made with products made of artificial fur, leather or special textile. Also, keep in mind the storage and usage instructions for our jewelry.